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If sciatica pain is limiting your mobility and reducing your quality of life, the experts at MedWell Spine and Joint can bring you relief. Our proven treatment plans offer amazing pain relief free from the use of drugs or surgery. Our integrated one-on-one concept can bring remarkable sciatica pain relief. So, if you are seeking sciatica pain treatment in Midland Park, call to schedule your appointment now.

We work with our patients to reveal the underlying root cause of their sciatica pain and properly address the issue. We utilize natural back pain relief treatment methods whenever possible, without drugs or expensive and painful surgeries, so you can begin living pain free and really enjoying the quality of life. The professionals at MedWell Spine and Joint focus on minimally invasive treatments for the relief of pain from your sciatica nerve. By utilizing this method, our patients have shorter recovery times, less chance of infection, and fewer complications as compared to those that undergo surgery.

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    Sciatica (aka the lumbar radiculopathy) is a common type of nerve pain caused by compression or irritation of the sciatica nerve that has progressed enough to cause neurological symptoms.

    The sciatica nerve is the largest nerve in the body that extends from nerve roots in the lumbar spinal cord in the lower back and extends through the buttock area down to the back of each lower limb.

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    See How Your Neighbors Feel About Our Customized Care Program:

    See How Your Neighbors Feel About Our Customized Care Program:

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    Signs and Symptoms of Sciatica

    · Lower back pain which is often aggravated by walking or bending at the waist, and relieved by lying down. When lower back pain is experienced, it is normally not as severe as the leg pain.

    · Buttock pain which only occurs on one side of the buttock and is particularly feels better when lying down or walking, but worsens when sitting or standing.

    · Numbness and weakness which make it very difficult to move the leg or foot, accompanied by a diminished knee-jerk reflex, particularly on the “web” of skin between the big toe and the second toe.

    · Pain in various parts of the leg and foot; the pain, most often occurs on one side, but can vary widely. At times it feels like an infrequent and mild tingling and irritation, dull ache or burning sensation. But, in some cases, it becomes very severe and debilitating and patients may find it completely impossible to move their leg.

    · Pins and needles sensation (also known as paresthesia) which is a feeling of pricking, prickling, tickling, tingling or burning sensation of a person’s skin with no apparent long-term physical effect.

    Lifestyle Limitations of Sciatica

    The main problem with sciatica is that the lower back itself is so important as far as any movement is concerned, or any activity you become involved in. In fact, it is unlike when you have injured a leg or an arm, where you can comfortably use some crutches or rest in a sling in order to allow healing to take place. With sciatica pain, that luxury is not afforded. Sitting down aggravates the pain, yet keeping upright and walking a small distance here and there eases your pain.

    When suffering from sciatica, you won’t be able to sleep on your stomach as doing so will probably make your lower back develop an exaggerated curve causing your pelvis to tilt forward. This leads to a snowball effect causing tight hip flexors and hamstrings and weak glutes, all of which may increase your sciatica nerve pain, not giving you the necessary sciatica relief. A good night sleep will be a thing of the past.

    Treatment Options

    Treatment options for sciatica begin with a thorough and comprehensive neurological examination to determine the part of the nervous system that is not functioning properly. The Brain-Based Therapy, coupled with Chiropractic manipulation and spinal adjustments are then performed to correct the aspects of the central nervous system that might not be working properly.

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    In Bergen County northern New Jersey, an orthopedic doctor evaluation may be necessary in some cases. Consultation by a local Bergen county orthopedist can be beneficial for many conditions related to the spine, disc, pinched nerve, stenosis, facet syndrome, disc herniation pain causing leg pain, numbness burning, tingling, and leg pain. Our Bergen County orthopedic center provides a thorough, non-surgical treatment approach to alleviating your joint pain utilizing x-rays, orthopedic injections, and various other methods as part of our proven treatment protocol.

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