Lose Up to 30 lbs. in 30 Days Without Hunger!

Our Physician-Directed Weight Loss Program will help you lose the weight and change your lifestyle so you can keep the weight off. It is personalized for each individual patient, focusing on your needs and goals.

  • Fast & Safe Weight Loss

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Doctor Monitored From Day One

  • One-on-One Dietary Consultation

  • Specific Plan for Your Specific Condition

WARNING: Weight loss may cause you to have improved health, feel better, and live a longer life.

Doctor Supervised Fast Medical Weight Loss And Diet For Bergen County, Northern NJ.

Benefits include:

  • An Alternate for Liposuction or Plastic Surgery
  • Effective for Both Men and Women
  • Drop 2 or More Sizes as Quickly as 30 Days
  • Medically Supervised HCG Weight/Fat Loss Diet

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    Doctor Supervised Fast Medical Weight Loss And Diet For Bergen County Northern NJ. An Alternate For Liposuction Or Plastic Surgery!

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    Is weight gain becoming a prominent concern in your life with added inches around your waist? My name is M.T. Shahab, MD. The Medical Director of MedWell’s supervised Medical Weight Loss Program. Our Physician-Directed Weight Loss Program will help you lose the weight and change your lifestyle so you can keep the weight off. Our medical weight loss program in Midland Park, NJ is personalized for each individual patient, focused on your needs and goals.

    Semaglutide and Tirzepatide based programs are here. By now you’ve heard of Wegovy, Ozempic, Mounjaro, and Zepbound. Come see why they are so popular. These weight loss medications help reduce appetite and improve insulin resistance and are helping people lose weight without starving themselves. Schedule your free weight loss consultation today to learn more about our Semaglutide weight loss and Tirzepatide based weight loss programs.

    “I lost 34 pounds in 3 months with semaglutide!” – Nathan, InnovA Technologies Auction Software

    Please Note: MedWell takes its patient’s quality of life seriously and understand the value of your mental well-being. The coaches are trained to understand the nuances of physical and psychological health while establishing such a powerful lifestyle change. The goal is to offer a solution that holds one accountable while acting as a support system on this meaningful journey towards a fitter self. The coach will work with you from start to finish and ensure everything is administered professionally.

    Years of Experience
    Obesity can be a troubling reality leading to discomfort, pain, and a general deterioration in health. With years of experience, weight loss specialists at MedWell using modern-age techniques to maximize your weight loss goals. With a robust HCG diet program, the clinic builds a high-grade program designed to optimize weight reduction. The charm of MedWell is seen through its attention to detail and commitment for coaching and educating patients throughout their weight loss journey.

    Geared for Fast Results
    We recognize the importance of an all-encompassing routine involving dietary changes and exercise. The team prides itself on building a seamless solution with the use of medical weight loss programs to offer a structured setup geared for fast results. Dr. Mazandarani, DAAIM, BCIM, DC, CCRD, CCPCP, will provide you maintenance dietary regimen and nutritional recommendations in order to improve your well being and general health.

    Personalized Experience
    At MedWell, all weight loss programs begin with an in-depth examination of your medical history, weight, and current routine. This guarantees a personalized experience based on your goals and biological needs. A certified health coach sits down (weekly) and helps create a complete diet along with analyzing the patient’s hydration. All information is neatly recorded in a separate file for continuous monitoring. If necessary, changes are recommended during this review.

    Men and women can drop 2 or more sizes as quickly as 30 days.* (Results may vary from person to person.)


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    “MedWell helped me lose 21 lbs. in 30 days.”

    “The program has worked wonders for me.” – Paul C.

    “I can honestly say, I’ve lost a lot of weight. I’m very happy.” – Vienna

    “I’m very pleased to tell you, I’ve lost 38 lbs. in 3 weeks.” – Len

    Is Low Testosterone the Culprit?

    Medical Weight Loss – Lose Up To 30 Pounds In 30 Days


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    Our proven treatment protocols are a safe and gentle therapy for injuries that can begin the healing process right away for fast pain relief that lasts.

    This Month’s Featured Staff

    M. T. SHAHAB, M.D. L.F.A.C.O.G., F.A.S.A.S.
    M. T. SHAHAB, M.D. L.F.A.C.O.G., F.A.S.A.S. Medical Director
    For more than fifteen years, under the direction of M.T. Shahab, MD, MedWell has been committed to treating the symptoms that have plagued so many patients. Dr. Shahab is a true diagnostician who prides himself on finding the “true cause” and “non-surgical” approach to various conditions. (Read More)
    Dr. Ali Mazandarani
    Dr. Ali MazandaraniDAAIM, DC, CCRD, CCPCP
    Dr. Mazandarani is amongst a select group of doctors who participate in an annual fitness conference directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The New Jersey Senate has acknowledged Dr. Maz and considers him a “model figure to emulate and set a standard of excellence toward which others might strive”. (Read More)