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Are You Suffering With?

  • Fatigue, tiredness, or sluggishness
  • Cold feet and/or hands
  • Require excessive amounts of sleep to function
  • Gain weight easily
  • Have difficult or infrequent bowel movements
  • Depression
  • Lack of motivation
  • Morning headaches that wear off as the day progresses
  • Thinning hair or excessive hair loss
  • Dryness of the skin and/or scalp
  • Mental sluggishness

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    Discover A New Revolutionary Drug Free Approach That Has Helped Hundreds of Thyroid Sufferers Successfully!

    MedWell, L.L.C.’s Medical Team is Offering an Exciting New Medical Approach that Addresses the SOURCE of your Thyroid Problem Using Advanced Lab Measurements and a Comprehensive Functional Approach!

    There are many types of thyroid conditions. The recommended treatment depends on the type of thyroid problem as well as whether your thyroid is underactive, or overactive, or enlarged. Thousands of patients in the Bergen County NJ area have experienced relief and recovery and significant increase in the quality of their lives.

    Millions of Americans are affected by various thyroid disorders. The experts at MedWell Clinic properly address the source of your thyroid problem using advanced lab measurements and a comprehensive functional approach. This ensures the fastest recovery and longest lasting relief. Our team of multidisciplinary doctors assess each patient individually to formulate a complete diagnosis and recommended treatment plan. Call us today for your appointment.

    Dear Thyroid Sufferer,

    Some 20 million Americans are affected by thyroid disorders….that are 1 in 13 people! And more than half of those people are unaware they have a thyroid problem because it frequently goes undiagnosed….until it gets severe. My name is M. T. Shahab, M.D., medical director at MedWell. We are a team of multidisciplinary doctors who will assess you individually and formulate a diagnostic and specific plan of care to help our patients based on our areas of expertise and discipline. My information on this site is for helping you to understand mechanism and functional approach to chronic conditions.

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    Most Insurance Plans Accepted

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    According to the National Women’s Health Information Center, one in eight women will experience a thyroid disorder during their lifetime. This fact may surprise you because you’ve probably never heard it explained to you fully. This is because most doctors are only vaguely familiar with thyroid disorders.

    • Are you tired of running from doctor to doctor only to play “Russian Roulette” with different medications? “Here try this drug, that didn’t work? Try this one!”
    • Are you tired of taking drugs that don’t fix the problem?
    • Do you continue to struggle with chronic thyroid symptoms day in and day out?

    Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

    1. Fatigue, tiredness, or sluggishness
    2. Cold feet and/or hands
    3. Require excessive amounts of sleep to function
    4. Gain weight easily
    5. Have difficult or infrequent bowel movements
    6. Depression
    7. Lack of motivation
    8. Morning headaches that wear off as the day progresses
    9. Thinning hair or excessive hair loss
    10. Dryness of the skin and/or scalp
    11. Mental sluggishness

    Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

    1. Heart Palpitations
    2. Inward Trembling
    3. Increased Pulse (even at rest)
    4. Lose weight easily
    5. Difficulty gaining weight
    6. Nervous and Emotional
    7. Insomnia
    8. Night Sweats

    Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is an autoimmune disorder in which the patient’s immune system attacks the thyroid. Patients that suffer from Hashimoto’s experience some or all of the above symptoms.

    Let’s talk about the thyroid gland a bit.

    The thyroid “runs” our metabolism. It is the “gas pedal” of the body.

    Thyroid hormones have a direct effect on most organs, including the heart, which beats faster and harder under the influence of increased thyroid hormones (this is why heart problems can often accompany chronic thyroid problems in women, and perhaps why heart problems are more common in women under the age of 50).

    T3 is the more biologically active hormone. It’s more important for cellular function, and in fact, 80% of T4 is converted to T3 in the body’s peripheral tissues. Basically, T4 is just a precursor for the more active hormone, T3.

    One of the problems in some thyroid disorders is that you may have trouble converting T4 to T3 in your tissues. Have you been checked for this? This can create a deficiency of T3, disrupting the body’s ability to properly regulate metabolism, which leads to specific symptoms.

    There are some clinicians that are treating thyroid conditions with iodine. I do not recommend iodine in the treatment of thyroid conditions. According to renowned thyroid expert Dr. Datis Kharriazian, author of the book “Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?”, using iodine to treat thyroid conditions is like throwing gasoline on a fire.

    How Do We Successfully Treat Thyroid Patient Sufferers?

    By using specific metabolic and neurological protocols!


    Sensitivity Testing: to determine if you have a sensitivity to gluten (wheat, rye, oats, and barley), milk, eggs, yeast, and soy. If you are sensitive to ANY of these food groups, it could be making your symptoms worse as it will increase inflammation in your brain and throughout your body!

    Here are some of the symptoms of these sensitivities:

    1. Chronic pain or fatigue
    2. Frequent indigestion
    3. Bloated after eating
    4. Frequent loose bowel movements
    5. Constipation
    6. Mouth ulcers or sores
    7. Vomit often

    The only way to find out if you are suffering from any of these sensitivities is to run these tests.

    We also run Complete Blood Panels by using specific blood tests such as:

    1. A thyroid panel
    2. A complete metabolic panel (CMP)
    3. A lipid panel
    4. A CBC (complete blood chemistry with auto differential)

    I am here to tell you that there is NEW HOPE, thanks to OUR DRUG-FREE and NATURAL Protocols!

    Our approach is revolutionary in that it addresses the SOURCE of Thyroid Disorders by using advanced lab measurements and a comprehensive functional brain-based protocol!

    We are one of the only clinics in Bergen County Midland Park, NJ to use a combined functional metabolic and neurological protocol that deals with the TRUE causes of Thyroid Disorders. Hundreds of our patients have been helped with our comprehensive approach to address chronic conditions. Among multiple drug free ways to address your symptoms that our doctors provide, we usually recommend a nutritional supplementation as an adjunct medical treatment. The nutritional supplementation recommended is designed to support overall health, your body function and well-being and not to treat or cure any medical illness, disease, or condition.

    • Are you tired of running from doctor to doctor only to play “Russian Roulette” with different medications? “Here try this drug, that didn’t work? Try this one!”
    • Are you tired of taking drugs that don’t fix the problem?
    • Do you continue to struggle with chronic pain and fatigue day in and day out?

    If you’re tired of running from doctor to doctor without results and you want someone that is going to get to the TRUE CAUSE of your problem, then it is important that you call us for our proprietary functional, metabolic and neurologic approach in order to create a long lasting relief from the everyday pain and fatigue caused by Thyroid Disorders.

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    8 Reasons Why You Are Still Suffering With Symptoms of Your Thyroid, Chronic Fatigue, Sleep Difficulty, Low Libido, Memory Loss, Anxiety or depressive Condition:

    Do you wonder why, even though you are on thyroid or other medication medication, you still suffer with all of the symptoms of your thyroid condition? Or maybe initially you felt better on your thyroid medication until all the symptoms started to come back? Here are eight reasons why you are still suffering…

    1. The cause of your thyroid condition could be coming from your gut. Everybody knows about TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) “My doctor says my TSH is too high.” “My doctor said my TSH is too low.” TSH this and TSH that-but are you aware that in order for TSH to be released form the brain you need adequate amounts of two very important neurotransmitters Serotonin and Dopamine? And guess where these are made? The gut! So, bad gut= bad thyroid.
    2. The cause of your thyroid problem could be coming from your adrenal glands. These are your stress glands. When they are overtaxed they emit, in high amounts, a hormone called cortisol. High Cortisol is the arch-enemy to your thyroid function.
    3. The cause of your thyroid problem is a faulty immune system. The number one reason for under-active thyroid is a condition in which your immune system is mistakenly attacking the gland. This is called Hasimotos thyroiditis. It is estimated that 70-80% of thyroid patients have this but few know it because the doctor doesn’t check for it.
    4. Most doctors look at T4 as the main hormone when in actuality T3 is the active form of the hormone! Most doctors don’t even check for T3 on the blood work.
    5. Most hormone replacement medications like synthroid and levothyroxine are NOT T3 but are T4 and your doctor is assuming it gets converted to T3 in the body. This isn’t always the case.
    6. Estrogen dominance is something that almost all women suffer from for many reasons. When there is not enough progesterone in the body to balance your estrogens your thyroid will not function properly.
    7. Doctors always follow lab ranges. Lab ranges are determined by who has been to the lab in the last year. What kind of people go to labs sick or healthy? Sick for the most part. When your doctor is making a determination on whether you have a problem or not he or she is comparing you to the average sick American. That’s crazy! We use functional ranges in which health exists. This is why so many are told they are OK when they really are not OK.
    8. The medical approach to the thyroid dilemma is over simplistic. It looks at only one piece of the puzzle. It is a model that has not changed since 1961. In all my years of practice I have not seen one endocrinologist check for any of the things mentioned above.

    If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and not getting the answers you need. Watch our videos or better yet come in for a same day consultation and evaluation and receive answers on how to once and for all get your life back!

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    M. T. SHAHAB, M.D. L.F.A.C.O.G., F.A.S.A.S.
    M. T. SHAHAB, M.D. L.F.A.C.O.G., F.A.S.A.S. Medical Director
    For more than fifteen years, under the direction of M.T. Shahab, MD, MedWell has been committed to treating the symptoms that have plagued so many patients. Dr. Shahab is a true diagnostician who prides himself on finding the “true cause” and “non-surgical” approach to various conditions. (Read More)
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    Dr. Ali MazandaraniDAAIM, DC, CCRD, CCPCP
    Dr. Mazandarani is amongst a select group of doctors who participate in an annual fitness conference directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The New Jersey Senate has acknowledged Dr. Maz and considers him a “model figure to emulate and set a standard of excellence toward which others might strive”. (Read More)

    We provide medical care as applicable to patients with Chronic Conditions, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Thyroid Condition, Hashimotos, Diabetes, Migraine Headaches, Headaches, Balance Problems, and Sleeping Problems. If you are suffering from chronic thyroiditis hypothyroid fibromyalgia chronic fatigue or autoimmune thyroid condition you may be helped with natural supplements, neurofeedback and remedies and healing can start immediately specially adrenal gland and cortisol imbalance with natural bio identical hormones for menopause and hot flashes. Andropause and testosterone deficiency may also be tested for assessment and prescription. Our medical physicians and team of doctors in Bergen county northern New Jersey have helped many patients with attention deficit, ADD, memory loss, anxiety, depression, sleep difficulty, low sex drive, low libido and low energy. Medical doctor’s consultation and evaluation is necessary for assessment prior to proving bio identical natural hormone creams. Brain balance and neurologist recommended exercises are effective in most cases with helping brain balance and activity for adults and children. Insomnia and Restless legs doctors throughout Bergen County, Passaic County and northern New Jersey area are handful. Usually a doctor with functional medicine and functional endocrinologist may be necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment.

    We provide blood test, food sensitivity and evaluation to many residents of Ridgewood, Paramus, Glen Rock, Fair Lawn, Waldwick, Franklin Lakes, Wyckoff, and Hackensack. Hypothyroid symptoms or autoimmune thyroid conditions does not necessarily require synthetic medication for thyroid recovery hair loss or chronic tiredness. Our individualized and customized blood test, food sensitivity, parasite and virus testing, and complete body scan assessment is geared towards natural treatment of our northern NJ patients. In many cases our doctors provide nutritional supplementation. The recommended natural products are designed to support overall health, your body function and well-being and not to treat or cure any medical illness, disease, or condition.

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