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When diabetes strikes, many people think it zaps the affected person the ability to eat certain foods they’ve always relished. Such inability, however, is only the beginning of other diabetic complications, such as peripheral neuropathy, which hampers nerve connections to your hands or feet. A FOX News article dated March 26, 2015 reveals that being afflicted with peripheral diabetic neuropathy can lead to more slip and fall incidents.

Prevent Neuropathy: Helping Diabetics to Avoid Future Falls from Medical Professionals

Paramus, NJ, already has a moderately secure diabetes support framework, with the Diabetes Foundation Inc. leading efforts to educate people on the disorder and how to prevent it. When you consider that diabetes is pegged to be the seventh leading trigger of fatalities in the next 15 years and already affects overall mobility, methods of tackling peripheral neuropathy should be pursued before long.

Looking Closer

Diabetic neuropathy’s links to loss of balance and footwork stems from numbness leading to the extremities, but certain phases of movement that are directly affected have never been fully established. Pinning them down can be part of the basis for a new treatment program.

A study by Britain’s Manchester Metropolitan University had control groups of non-diabetics, diabetics with neuropathy and diabetics without neuropathy tasked to walk along flat ground or to go up and down stairs. A camera system followed them from several angles. The results revealed that the neuropathy-hit diabetics not only walked slower, they even swayed from front to back or side to side, which indicated that the ailment was weakening their balancing.

Finding a Way

A full battery of tests with your preferred doctor may help decide on the proper treatment options to counter neuropathic decline. Those tests will include changes in sensitivity to touch or temperature and will determine the overall function of the vascular system. Resolving issues with eyesight due to diabetes cannot be stressed enough, as a lack of hand-eye coordination may result in slippage.

Professionals like the MedWell Spine, OsteoArthritis & Neuropathy Center’s physicians and doctors may craft a full program to mitigate the threat of neuropathy. The above article noted that a strict program of diet and exercise may reinforce the body’s muscle structure. Exposure to sunlight of at least 150 minutes a week may be vital to further control diabetes.

Being physically debilitated due to diabetes is a threat to one’s quality of life and should never be taken lightly. When you undergo procedures for neuropathy pain relief in Northern NJ like those offered by the MedWell Spine, OsteoArthritis & Neuropathy Center, you might have a better chance of coping with the ailment and maintain control of your physical faculties.

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