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Watch how Medwell Orthopedic care has helped many knee pain sufferers find relief in Bergen County. You can live a better life and regain your active life back. We have helped patients in all surrounding areas including Mahwah, Wyckoff, Ramsey, Waldwick, Franklin Lakes, Hackensack, Paramus, Ridgewood and of course Midland Park. Many have travelled from Passaic county and Bergen County for our Non-Surgical Approach.

Facts / common mistakes about knee pain treatment

Hi. Dr. Medwell spine, Knee and Leg pain center.

In this video I will go over some of the common questions about knee Pain and why what you have done has not worked, why you should not choose surgery as your first realistic option even if you are Bone on Bone diagnosis and what you need to do now to reverse your knee arthritis and knee pain. I will also go over Some Facts and common mistakes patients and doctors continuously make, in order to prevent you from being a victim of it.

Let me share something with you. Due to the recent pandemic we had an influx of patients who were scheduled for total knee replacement surgery which had to be cancelled. As a result, they sought us out and started this non-surgical approach for knee arthritis recovery.

Guess what 65% of the patients that we treated did NOT feel the need to reschedule their surgery.

I know, I was surprised too.

Feeling 20 years younger is entirely realistic

This protocol has put an end to many years of frustration and chronic pain for many patients.  


WITHOUT Surgery, Steroids and cortisone shots.

Imagine feeling confident while walking or climb stairs.

Being able to do the sports that you want to do without feeling your knee is giving away.

Being able to rise from a sitting position

Being able to kneel down

Not having trouble getting in and out of the car

These things are entirely possible to be reversed without invasive surgery.

Well. In simple terms the problem is that:

Joint Space narrowed or you are Bone on Bone

Decrease lubrication

Increase swelling/inflammation

Supporting Ligaments, Tendons muscle are weak / partially torn.

Nerve electrical signaling is not as potent as before.

What we need to do is exactly opposite: Increase ….

­ Joint Space ­ lubrication ¯ swelling/inflammation

Regenerate Supporting Ligaments, Tendons and muscle involved and wake up Nerve electrical signaling.

Folks: Pain Pills do not lubricate your knees or fix the problem.

They are habit forming-cause constipation-weakens breathing-cause fatigue-decreased sex drive.

Some of you have tried Cortisone injections: repeated use of this injection has SideEffects:  Osteoporosis-Cataracts-Elevated blood sugar-Suppress immune system…
This is great one time injection for short term relief but not long term.

So I will go over 3 things:

  1. Why you should not have surgery. Even with Bone on Bone Diagnosis, there are alternatives.
  2. Why what you have done has not worked.
  3. What you should do that has been working well for hundreds of our patients.

Let me go over some disappointing statistics.

Another medical source suggested:

25% of people after surgery have their pain completely gone.

25% have improve pain

25% stay the same after surgery and

25% become worse.

I mean just Anesthesia by itself:

after anesthesia there is increase risk of neurological conditions. Dilurium, dementia, alz…as  Post operative cognitive dysfunction.:

I will go over What you need to do that is

  • and also I will go over what you should not do:
  1. Standing xrays
  2. Injections without imaging guidance. We don’t Guess. We see. We localized point of entry to your joint to see where the medication goes.
  3. Injections: we take your Hx, Age, Level of activity and complicating factors into consideration before recommending what type of Procedure suits you best: corticosteroid-Gel shots-Nerve block shots. These injections are Virtually painless. No hospitalization-no anesthesia-no months of rehab…no time off from work. You walk in and walk out without a scar.

The gel shots are safe and are designed to stay where we inject them which in this case is your knees. They help cushioning and restoring function for on average 6 months or longer.

  1. Custom fit Bracing after injection
  2. Bone on bone ® does not mean you will need surgery.

Knee degenerated. ® there are different grades of Degeneration ®regenerated.

Depends on what needs to get regenerated.

Stem cell therapy.


Regenerative inj therapy (Amniotic fluid- whitens Jelly). The good news is that some insurance companies are covering these regenerative injections.

If you go to orthop surgeons. ® they most commonly prescribe orthop surgery for bone on bone patients. Not in this office.

We do everything in our power to prevent joint replacement.

In this office, there is only one care and that is the care we recommend. You can not come here and ask to get _____. You may feel that you are coming into our office with the best suggestion for your needs. however you fail to realize that we have a team not one doctor many doctors who’ve been studying this for years and years.

All of them making this recommendation for you.  People are different. Therefore their care and problem is different.

  1. You may NEED Physical therapy in conjunction to other procedures. ALL PT IS NOT EQUAL. We have 2 NEUROGENX machine on site. Regen nerves.

The key is the provide the care that you need ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Can not have weak muscles with strong tendons.

Can not have weak knee joint with strong bones.

  1. We have physicians, musicians, professional athletes coming to us from NJ or out of state for our care. We have physicians who do orthopedic surgery come to this office and get their non surgical orthopedic care.
  2. Did you know orthopedic surgeons are usually the last person who would get orthopedic surgery. Why? Because:

They do not want to go under the knife

They do not want to have ugly scars on their knee

They do not want to go under anesthesia. (there is a chance of death)

High risk of infection

Loss of wages and work

Not to Mention these surgeries are not a 100% guaranteed.

  1. GOOD NEWS for you is we accept Most insurance plans including Medicare.

What are your options?

Do Nothing?

Live on Medications?

Have Surgery?

Doesn’t it make more sense to at least try the nonsurgical approach that has been successful for many with knee arthritis and with the patients who were scheduled for total knee replacement. If this treatment has worked for those patients there’s a good chance it’s going to work for you.

Can I guarantee it absolutely not but neither can your surgeon. Have we been successful yes very successful?

It is very important for you not to waste time and get started asap.  Because arthritis usually becomes worse as time goes on. The sooner we start, the faster you heal. And the better you feel.

 As soon as we start intervention, healing starts immediately.

We hear success stories almost every day.

We just had a patient who had to give up her favorite sport and now she’s back on the field. If I mention her name you will know her but I can’t .

This insurance covered program is not for everyone. You must qualify for it by filling out paperwork and see on of our physicians.

So if you want to feel younger

Eliminate your years of frustration relieving your knee arthritis pain without surgery

being able to climb stairs

being able to be active with your spouse children grandchildren

 This is the time for it to take action for your health. We have appointments 6 days a week. By Appt ONLY.

 If this non surgical successful approach makes sense for you give us a call. If it doesn’t make sense. Don’t call us. If you are not committed to fix your knee do not call us. 

 This webinar is not only about giving information. This is about us helping you implement and revitalize your knee joint so you can be active again.

 give us a call at the number below or visit our site.

 God bless




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See How Your Neighbors Feel About Our Customized Care Program:

See How Your Neighbors Feel About Our Customized Care Program:

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