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Knee Pain Midland Park NJ

Are You Experiencing Knee Pain In Midland Park NJ?

If knee pain is reducing your mobility and decreasing your quality of life, the experts at MedWell Spine and Joint can bring you relief. Our proven treatment regimens offer extraordinary pain relief free from the use of drugs or surgery. Our integrated one-on-one process can bring remarkable knee pain relief. So, if you are seeking knee pain orthopedic relief in Midland Park, call to schedule your appointment now.

For our patients desiring comfort from knee pain, there are many treatment alternatives available. Our team of multidisciplinary doctors assess each patient individually and formulate a specific treatment plan to provide the most effective, long-term solutions. We strive to help you regain your quality of life the shortest amount of time.

We help our patients discover the root cause of their knee pain and properly address the issue. We make use of natural knee pain relief treatments whenever possible, without drugs or expensive and painful surgeries, so you can begin living pain free and really enjoying the quality of life. The professionals at MedWell Spine and Joint focus on minimally invasive treatments for the reduction of knee pain. By utilizing this strategy, our patients have shorter recovery times, less possibility of infection, and fewer complications as compared to those that undergo surgery.

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Non-Surgical Orthopedic Knee Pain Relief in Bergen County

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My name is M.T. Shahab, M.D. The knee joint is one part of the body that is particularly vulnerable to pain, and even damage, especially considering that it supports the full mass of your body when you jump, walk or run.

This is why if you are a victim of knee pain, it is recommended that you know your alternatives before seeing an orthopedic surgeon. We can help you determine the exact cause of the pain and prescribe an appropriate non-surgical treatment and pain management plan so you can avoid surgery.

Knee pain treatment is often very complicated considering the complexity of the natural structure of the knee joints. There are two primary goals of treatment- to relieve pain and restore function.

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See How Your Neighbors Feel About Our Customized Care Program:

See How Your Neighbors Feel About Our Customized Care Program:

100 Year Old Patient – Knee Arthritis Recovery

Knee Pain Treatment and Knee Pain Management

MedWell, LLC specializes in the treatment and management of knee pain, as well as the restoration of function. We are dedicated to ensuring that our patients receive the best possible results.

We use modern treatment methods not only to help relieve pain, but also improve the future for the injured patients.

The most effective method of treatment that we use is the Synvisc/Hyalgan injection (or viscosupplementation therapy), especially in patients who have failed to show adequate response to conservative non-pharmacologic therapy and simple analgesics such as acetaminophen.

Causes of Knee Pain

The main reason why we suffer from knee pain is because we rely heavily on our knee joints to go about our daily chores. Now, within the joints of the body is a natural gel-like substance known as Hyaluronan, which serves as the lubricant to enable the joints move smoothly and as a shock absorber (or cushion) for joint loads.

It exists within the synovial (joint) fluid in the form of hyaluronic acid. Due to aging, joint inflammation (osteoarthritis), sudden injury, and/or genetic predisposition, the hyaluronan content within the joints considerably decreases causing our knees to wear out. From there, we start to experience pain.

Synvisc / Hyalgan Knee Pain Injections

The Synvisc/ Hyalgan Knee pain injections contain the hyaluronan liquid derived from the chicken combs. During the injection, the hyaluronan is distributed throughout the epithelial, connective, and neural tissues of the knee joints by our highly-skilled physicians. The single-dose treatment is an alternative to what a traditional orthopedic doctor would prescribe often provides great relief to patients.

The side effects after a Synvisc/ Hyalgan injection include: pain, heat, swelling, and/or redness. Do not hesitate to inform your doctor of any side effects after treatment. It is also necessary that you talk to your doctor before resuming strenuous activities after the injection.

If you are a victim of knee pain and you are not responding well to non-surgical treatment options, or if you are trying to avoid surgery, then visit us at MedWell, LLC. Synvisc/Hyalgan injections, in addition to a number of rehabilitative procedures that will help you overcome your pain, are available.

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M. T. SHAHAB, M.D. L.F.A.C.O.G., F.A.S.A.S.
M. T. SHAHAB, M.D. L.F.A.C.O.G., F.A.S.A.S. Medical Director
For more than fifteen years, under the direction of M.T. Shahab, MD, MedWell has been committed to treating the symptoms that have plagued so many patients. Dr. Shahab is a true diagnostician who prides himself on finding the “true cause” and “non-surgical” approach to various conditions. (Read More)
Dr. Ali Mazandarani
Dr. Ali MazandaraniDAAIM, DC, CCRD, CCPCP
Dr. Mazandarani is amongst a select group of doctors who participate in an annual fitness conference directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The New Jersey Senate has acknowledged Dr. Maz and considers him a “model figure to emulate and set a standard of excellence toward which others might strive”. (Read More)

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