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Weight Loss Resistance – Chronic Fatigue can Be
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Food Sensitivity

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Weight Loss

Functional Medicine Testing & Treatment

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Environmental Sensitivity Testing

  • Semaglutide Weight Loss

  • Skinny Shots® Lipotropics

  • Vitamin Shots (for energy, fatigue, pain)

Lose Up to 30 lbs. in 30 Days Without Hunger!

Our Physician-Directed Weight Loss Program will help you lose the weight and change your lifestyle so you can keep the weight off. It is personalized for each individual patient, focusing on your needs and goals.

  • Fast & Safe Weight Loss

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Doctor Monitored From Day One

  • One-on-One Dietary Consultation

  • Specific Plan for Your Specific Condition

WARNING: Weight loss may cause you to have improved health, feel better, and live a longer life.

Doctor Supervised Fast Medical Weight Loss And Diet For Bergen County, Northern NJ.

Benefits include:

  • An Alternate for Liposuction or Plastic Surgery
  • Effective for Both Men and Women
  • Drop 2 or More Sizes as Quickly as 30 Days
  • Medically Supervised HCG Weight/Fat Loss Diet

Weight Loss Struggles/Resistance

When you eat foods that your immune system doesn’t like or that your immune system “reacts” to…this spikes INFLAMMATION! It’s VERY hard to lose weight when you’re inflamed. This is why if you’re struggling to lose weight, you need to get food tested. You need to REMOVE the culprits that are wrecking your immune system AND digestive system!

Digestive Problems/IBS/Leaky Gut

A lot of digestive problems can link back to a Gluten Sensitivity. In terms of leaky gut…we know that food sensitivities INFLAME the gut lining…causing dysfunction in the gut lining. This causes the tight junctions in the gut to open up and this allows bacteria and other particles to “leak” into the blood stream…causing another IMMUNE RESPONSE. White blood cells come running and it becomes a vicious cycle.